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Why Leverage Quora Data?

Quora is an extraordinary platform that offers valuable data to support a wide range of business, marketing and research use cases

Quora Influencer Marketing Data

Find places your customers hang out, Get top Quora Places for research or promotions

Content Marketing Research

Generate ideas for your content, there's a Quora niche for everything

Find Questions To Answer

Answer new questions; build your brand or reputation as an expert

Market Research Data

Learn more about your clients and industry, discover customer pain points and burning questions

Discover New Spaces & Groups

Generate ideas for your content, there's a Quora niche for everything

Paid Advertising Research

Find the best content targets for your Quora paid advertising campaigns

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How To Use Valuable Quora Data To Refine Your Marketing Efforts

When we talk about marketing, specifically on digital fronts, the most common channels that marketers turn to are the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other such famous social networking sites. But what most overlook is the bountifully rich source of consumer behavior, thoughts, and habits – Quora.

Here’re we’ll discuss how Quora offers value as a platform for marketing and how you can benefit from using Relevantal’s unofficial Quora API to use Quora for marketing more effectively. And that is exactly our choice topic for today. So, sit back, relax and get ready for some learning.

What is Quora?

Let’s tackle the main question – what is Quora? Most mistake it for a forum site, but it actually positions itself strictly as a question-and-answer platform. Any user can post their questions and others with the necessary knowledge to answer them will. And if you’re lucky, your question will catch the eye of professionals and they may be compelled to leave you with a nugget of their expertise.

Having this setup means that you have access to essentially an endless amount of topics from the general public. And owning this data also means you get first-hand insight into how your target audience perceives and navigates around topics related to your business. It also has a paid marketing integration, but that’s for another day.

Benefits of Quora marketing

For those who aren’t yet familiar with Quora marketing and its works, it may be a little harder to formulate a list of benefits that it can possibly bring your business. And that’s why we’ve gone ahead and done it for you :

  • Great place to conduct market research – get to know your target market and delve into their deepest thoughts and problems.
  • A goldmine of content ideas – sift through endless discussion topics and build your content around the questions and answers of your choice audience. Quora content marketing is a no-brainer, its perfect for this.
  • High-quality, direct traffic – divert footfalls to your website or product page by answering relevant questions with a link.
  • Poach influencers for your next marketing campaign – there are quite a number of professionals on Quora who’d make fantastic options for influencer marketing efforts. Relevantal can extract valuable Quora influencer data for any niche.
  • Amps up your SEO efforts – Google crawls Quora questions just like any other website so the is ample potential for your question or answer to be right at the top of search results.
  • Establish your brand as an expert – see what insight you can provide as a brand to your audience and build rapport as a quality source of information and/or ideas.

How can I get a clean, actionable Quora dataset?

There are a lot of Quora scrapers that can get the job done for you. If you’re not savvy, Quora scraping is the act of extracting choice data from the entire Quora site. Relevental is one such Quora scraper that gives you a strong set of data. From a single data set, you can create a basic profile of your audience, identify their professional expertise, pinpoint their problems or fears, and see how they navigate them.

How do I use my Quora data as a marketer

Now that you have a fresh set of unsullied data at your disposal, the question now is how can you use it? As a marketer, you will first need to understand what you will have. The first part would be the basic information on your audience – a name, professional title, industry of expertise, credentials, and occupation. The other half would be their activity and topics of choice, be it for questions or answers.

A Quora dataset can also help you gauge how frequently they use the site. In addition to that, you’ll know also how well their topics sit with other members of the site and see related content that they have posted.

Now that we know all that, we will know how best to use Quora as a marketing tool. Here are some ideas we could think up :

Get to know your audience

Naturally, you will know lots from the way one asks a question, answers one, or even reacts to it. Your target audience is out there on Quora sharing their expertise with others, reacting to posts, and even asking questions of their own. This means a bountiful amount of user data, habits, thought patterns, and more. This helps when you’re crafting ad strategies – you already know how they perceive, react, and respond to certain topics. Use that to your leverage.

Identify hot content topics

Another great thing about a Quora data is that it does wonders for a content marketer. Browse through endless topics spanning various industries and niches. There is a cubby corner for almost any topic known to man. Doing your content marketing research on Quora helps you see which content topics you should use and how you can write to ignite discussions among your audience members.  

Find the best influencers for collabs

As we’d mentioned earlier Quora also has its own set of experts – some professionals, some simply knowledgeable on the subject matter. A quick data scraping with a tool like Relevental can give you the necessary information you need to pick out the most suitable influencer for your marketing campaigns. Quora influencer marketing is definitely on the rise, so this is one card you’d want to play.

Connect with your audience

Again, Quora is a Q&A site. That makes it the perfect platform for you to connect with your target groups. Use it for customers service by addressing questions and pain points with your expertise and brand voice. Speak to influencers that you want to get on board for a campaign. The possible networking potential is infinite.

Build your rapport as a Quora expert

Another great benefit from your Quora data is that you’d be able to see the groups that would benefit from your brand and expertise. Not only can you showcase your brand as a thought leader on a vast mix of topics related to your business, you can also slip in a bit of marketing. Don’t be shy to create brand awareness by using Quora as a content marketing tool to do a little bit of brand spotlighting in your answers. Quora for content marketing marketing can be extremely effective.

Use Quora for your business today

From influencer research and marketing to building a list of ideal topics for your content marketing, there is much you can do with effective Quora marketing, which still massively underutilized and underrated. And to get such valuable blocks of information, simply use a Quora API and  data scraper like Relevental. All you have to do is enter a couple of parameters and the scraping tool does everything for you. Simply plug the data into your marketing plans and be on your way to sending your brand skyrocketing.

PSL You can also check out some other great quora marketing tools here. There should be something there for everybody. But before you do that sign up to our unofficial Quota API and give it a free test run below!