How to use Quora for Marketing and why you should

How to use Quora for Marketing and why you should

Quora is a Q&A platform that can be used for various marketing activities. You can use it to find content ideas (its a content marketing goldmine), generate leads, build brand awareness, connect with potential customers, learn more about your target audience, and more. In this guide, we will discuss how to use Quora for marketing and show you some tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform.

Before we go on if you are already familiar with the benefits of Quora marketing and looking for a Quora research and marketing tool check out Relevantal here. Its an unofficial Quora API and Quora data extraction tool that will speed up your Quora marketing efforts.

What is Quora?

Quora is a rapidly growing question and answer platform whose primary users are the ‘elite’. From leaders in the technology industry (for example, founders of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Quora itself) to everyone else who wants to stand out.

The platform’s main aim is to help anyone who needs assistance in having a clear understanding of how a concept works. Quora has emerged as one of the most trusted platforms for content sharing, marketing and branding.

As an information-based site, it allows users to create great content. In addition to that, it rewards those who have created good content with upvotes and promotion, giving them more visibility and ranking them high on Quora for relevant keywords.

Quora allows users to post questions on any topic, which other users of the website answer. Users can follow different question-answer pairs and receive updates on their feeds whenever they update that particular question-answer pair. Quora also has a “Quora for Business” section where companies interact with people directly and increase their brand awareness.

Why use Quora for marketing

Quora is the go-to platform for users looking for expert opinions on any subject: Quora is a platform where people in the know answer questions that those without the knowledge need to have answered.

Quora marketing allows marketers to connect with their audiences in a way they’ve never been able to before:  For marketers, Quora is an amazing tool for lead generation and brand building. It allows you to engage with your audience in ways that other social media platforms can’t. Because of this, Quora is becoming the go-to platform for marketers who are looking to grow their business by getting closer to customers.

-> The Quora marketing strategy is a great way to promote your business and get a lot of traffic to your website: The most important thing about Quora marketing strategy is that it will help you to reach your relevant audience faster. Consumers are getting smarter, and they want to see a product before buying it. Quora allows you to connect with these people and tell them about your product or service in an honest way. If you are looking for quality, the Quora traffic is exactly what you need. This is because the users are involved in the process of answering questions, and they are very interested in learning new things.

-> It offers great exposure: This platform allows you to easily reach out to millions of people from various countries around the world who are looking for help with their problems. Quora will assist you in getting new customers, retaining the existing ones and building your brand awareness:

-> You can find very active users who are ready to interact with you: Quora’s audience is not only highly targeted, but also incredibly engaged. The site offers a platform for marketers to reach people who are genuinely interested in the products and services that they offer. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked by any business or entrepreneur.

-> This social platform allows you to promote any type of business – small or large, local or international one. Make sure that your offer will suit every client’s needs and provide some kind of information they will find useful.

-> It can also help you in gaining rankings on search engines: It is not just a social media platform; it is also a search engine that can be used to give your site rankings. It ranks websites based on their popularity and the user base they have. Ranking on Quora can mean more traffic and more conversions, which is why you should be using this platform for your business. Quora also ranks as one of the top sites for SEO. It has high domain authority, which means that it can help you get higher rankings in Google results.

Quora digital marketing research

Now that we know why Quora can be a great platform for marketing research, let’s discuss how you can use it for your business. Here are a few tips on how to use Quora for marketing research:

Data extraction and research

The first step is to create an account on Quora and familiarize yourself with the platform. Make sure you use an appealing profile picture, bio and cover photo to represent your business well.

Once you’re comfortable with how it works, you can start using it for marketing research.

To make your marketing efforts easy and very efficient, you need the right tools. An example of an online tool that can be used for extracting data and easy research is relevantal, the only unofficial Quora API and the first Quora marketing and research tool you will need to start with.

You can use this tool to do keyword research to find relevant topics to write about. It can also help with questions your target audience might be asking, this will make it for you to answer them with content from your website or blog.

You should also read through the answers on Quora to better understand what people think about certain products or services.

Write relevant content

Upon completing your preliminary research, you need to monitor your competitor’s activity on Quora and see what type of content they’re publishing. This will help you form an inference that will see your business’s growth.

Use the “Topics” section to find new topics to write. Use trending topics to gradually grow your audience because there are many people interested in those topics.

You need to choose one or more topics in your sphere of interest, where there are not enough answers yet. Then you can try to answer some questions yourself and add valuable information (this is important because it has a positive effect on the author’s rating).

Engage users

Now, you need to make sure you engage with other people’s content and make comments on them. This will give you the required exposure to attract users to your comments.

Add as many followers as possible by answering questions and sharing useful content for potential customers.

Drive traffic to your website

Before publishing your content, don’t forget to add links to your website and blog in your answers.

Connect your social media profiles with Quora so that your followers could share your content easily with their friends. Then, share your interesting posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that they can drive more traffic to your site.

To keep your business growing, try writing a few posts per week on Quora, this way you will attract new people every day.

Leverage Relevantal for your marketing

Relevantal is a Quora research and Quora content marketing tool that helps you extract unlimited data for any Quora search query, be it posts, questions and influencer details. This will make it easy to do research on Quora and also consolidate your marketing efforts by helping you sort posts based on their views, upvotes and more.

Relevantal is ideal for any Quora marketing strategy research.  It provides insights into what people search for. This information can then be used to generate content ideas relevant to your target audience. It will help you get the exact Quora dataset you need, ensuring your content is relevant and interesting to Quora users.

With this tool, you get to see the most popular posts, the latest questions, and the most popular influencer data for any niche or topic.

Benefits of starting with Relevantal as your main Quora marketing tool

Here are some of the benefits of using relevantal:

-> Find top influencers: You can use relevantal to find experts making waves on Quora. You can then reach out to them for collaboration, guest posts or other kinds of partnerships.

-> Find questions that attract the most views and followers: With this tool, you get to build your brand’s reputation and awareness effortlessly by creating an answer to relevant questions in your industry.

-> Look for new questions that are gaining traction: Relevantal makes it possible to get insight into which question is gaining traction on Quora. For instance, a week-old question that receives 1000+ or more views is a good candidate. This tool will help you draw right conclusions.

-> Generate ideas for your content: The tool will help with your content marketing ideas. You will get to know which niche to focus on and put more effort.

-> Market research: With relevantal, you learn more about your clients and industry and discover customer pain points and burning questions.

-> Advertising research: When you intend to run a paid advertising campaign on Quora, this tool will help you find the best content targets.


The biggest advantage of Quora is the loyal audience it has developed for itself. It is a user-generated content hub and people do not visit Quora just for fun but also to seek credible answers from experts and subject specialists. So, if you are a marketing professional, you have a unique opportunity to attract potential customers and establish yourself as an expert on the subject by contributing relevant answers to questions asked in Quora.

Relevantal is a quora marketing tool that is easy to start using as it will help you boast of high-end benefits when used correctly. It’s a tool that will help build your personal brand and enhance your reputation in the marketing community.

This guide summarises some of the main benefits of Quora, but to fully start taking advantage of it you should spend more time on the site and discover these benefits by yourself. It is important to remember that Quora is not a direct source of traffic, it will eventually bring you traffic from users who discovered your answers and became interested in your content or products. By using this guide, you’ll be able to watch your followers increase, which is something every professional wants. Whether you’re looking for information or just want to contribute, Quora is one social network you shouldn’t overlook.

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